About Us

WeScribeIt.com Transcription Services and Dictation Services

In 2008, WeScribeIt was founded. Since that time we have held our commitment to being the number one U.S. based dictation service available in the U.S. The use of native English speakers is part of the guarantee of accuracy you can expect to receive when choosing this transcription service. This is how we can guarantee a rate of 98% accuracy at the very least.

Transcription Services for Every Event

The transcriptions that you require are taken care of with the utmost accuracy and timelines are adhered to because we realize time is money. Focus groups, radio shows, conference calls, speeches, interviews, press briefings, lectures, legal and medical transcriptions are just a few of the services provided. If you need it transcribed, this service provides the necessary talent to take care of your request. The professional transcribers are located in the United States and they do not use voice recognition software.

The transcription service is a 24 hour, 7 days a week service so it does not matter if you need your content transcribed Sunday or Wednesday. Processing of your transcripts does not have to be an expense that you cannot afford either. The cost of the service is not expensive and the rates are available on site so you may price the service before you join. For your information, detailed billing information is shown so you can see exactly how your money is spent.

Already a name in the business, WeScribeIt has clients globally. Our commitment to timely and professional services is recognized and the satisfied clients that have used this service are positive proof. Our clients consistently refer new clients to this service and are regular users themselves.