We are currently hiring!!!

If you are interested in becoming a typist for WeScribeIt, please complete our application and testing process. If you are indeed qualified and we are hiring typists, you will be contacted..

Please note: Our TAT is anywhere between 6 to 16 hours, depending on express or regular service. Our pay scale for per minute files start at $0.75 per minute. Our pay scale starts at half cent per word ($0.005) for general and legal work. For medical, pay starts at three-quarter cents per word ($0.0075).

Note: We only review applications when we are hiring. Once you fill out the application, it could take some time before your account is reviewed.

Our process is as follows:

  • Fill out application.
  • Complete test that is e-mailed to you.
  • You will be contacted to complete the testing/hiring process if we need to hire typists. (It could be immediately or at a later date)

U.S. Residents only may apply. Previous experience required using pre-formatted documents.