Express Service

For the convenience of our clients, we are offering express service. The rate for getting your files transcribed within 6 hours is just a half a dollar more than the normal charge. Upon selection of the express service, this will move your job to the bottom of other express jobs and on top of any currently pending regular jobs. Be sure to note that we will always do our best to get your work back to you within the 6 hour time frame.

To select this option:

Toll-free dictation system: Follow the prompts.

Website: select option on the "Upload Files" page.

E-mail or fax: include whether you want regular, express, or discount service. If nothing indicated, we will assume that you want regular service.

FTP: the system will use the default of regular. To change the status, use the Contact Us page and let us know which job you want changed.


If you would like us to use a special template for your jobs, you have the ability to upload this through the website. Once you are logged into your account, click on "Templates" and you will be able to upload as many as you would like. You can use this for letterheads, pleadings, or any special formatting that you use on a regular basis. You will be able to give a custom name of your choice to each template for your reference.

To use your templates:

If you are calling in to our toll-free dictation system, sending through e-mail, fax, or FTP, the system will use what you have saved as your default preferences.

If you are uploading through the website, there is a place to include any special instructions with each file you upload on the "Upload Files" page. Simply include which template you want the typist to use for that file.

Custom Preferences

We Scribe It offers custom preferences for each account. When you complete the registration for your free account, you are able to select what font size and type that you would like to be used when transcribing your jobs. You can also select what word processor you would like to be used for your dictation jobs. We offer WordPerfect, Word, and Rich Text. These are considered your default preferences. These preferences will be used for any files submitted via FTP and/or our phone system.

Special Instructions

Clients have the ability to include special instructions that the typist will be able to read before completing any of your pending jobs. This can include any common misspelled names or places or any other information that you would like the typist to know before typing one of your files.

Billing Reference

When uploading files to be transcribed via the We Scribe It website, you can include a billing reference that will show on the billing details page. This can be useful for any organization or company that has multiple users using our service.

Canceling Jobs

You have the ability to cancel a pending job at any time. To cancel a pending job you will need to log into your account. When on the Jobs page, just click on "Cancel" next to the job that you would like to cancel. Please note that once the job is moved into "Processing" status, you will be repsonsible to pay what has already been typed but do not have to pay for anything not already typed.


WeScribeIt also offers translation services. If you have a need for this, please Contact Us to find out what the rate would be for your specific need.


If you have a file that needs to be transcribed in another language besides English, we can still help you. Contact Us for rates.