Terms of Use

You, the client (hereinafter "Client") agree to pay for all work (hereinafter "Transcripts") completed by We Scribe It on your behalf from any materials (hereinafter "Source") you submit for transcription.

The following are different account options. Each option has a different billing rate:

  • A General account (hereinafter "General") shall be defined as any account in which the Client will be only submitting general audio. This will include any audio that does not require specific knowledge about any particular subject.
  • A Legal account (hereinafter "Legal") shall be defined as any account in which the Client will be submitting legal audio. This will include any audio that requires legal knowledge. This also includes letters, pleadings, etc.
  • A Medical account (hereinafter "Medical") shall be defined as any account in which the Client will be submitting medical audio. This will include any audio that requires medical knowledge.

We Scribe It reserves the right to refuse any work not meeting minimum technical requirements with regards to sound quality. If Client requests that We Scribe It still attempt to create a Transcript of audio, client agrees to be charged in addition to the regular account-type rates.

Client accepts that occasionally there will be unavoidable inaccuracies due to poor audio quality, obscure regional slang or dialect, or unfamiliar proper names and nouns. Client also acknowledges that spoken word is often very distinct from proper grammar. In particular, most people talk in run-on sentences, as such We Scribe It will make a good faith effort to determine when one sentence ends and the next begins. However, Client accepts that this is a judgment call and agrees that We Scribe It will make no effort to correct grammar.

Turnaround times stated by We Scribe It with regards to completion of Transcripts are estimates based on the current workload which fluctuates daily.

Should Client's account become delinquent, Client agree to pay any late charges and pay all fees and costs incurred by We Scribe It in the process of collecting the monies owed, including without limitation attorney's fees and court costs. Client by signing or submitting an account application attests to financial responsibility and acknowledges reading and agreeing to all terms of this document.

If any accounts become delinquent Client hereby authorizes We Scribe It to charge any outstanding balance to any valid credit card provided by the Client which We Scribe It may have on file. In the event that the Client repudiates the charges with the credit card company, Client agrees to pay triple-damages to We Scribe It in any legal action that would follow such repudiation in addition to other fees and charges laid out within these Terms of Service.

In the event that Client applies for an account, Client agrees that by checking the "Yes, I Agree" box with regards to the "I have read and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy" portion of the on-line form that Client shall be bound by the terms of this document.