Turnaround Time

While WeScribeIt will do everything it can to provide a completed transcript within the said times, they are not a guarantee. If a document is not completed within the given timelines, you will still be required to pay for the document. The turnaround times given are guidelines. We do strive each day, and for each file, to meet these guidelines.

Rejecting Files

WeScribeIt will use sole discretion when deciding if an audio is appropriate for transcribing. Following are reasons a file could be rejected:

  • Audio of very poor quality
  • Too many explicits
  • Of sexual nature
  • Songs/Music

Default Settings

For each account provided, we offer the ability to manage your preferences. These preferences include type of files (medical, general, legal), font type, font size, templates, instructions, etc. If, for some reason, these are not completed before a file is submitted, We Scribe It will use its sole discretion when completing the said document.

WeScribeIt will use the default of Times New Roman 12 for correspondence; Times New Roman 14 for all other documents.