I used WeScribeIt's services when I was preparing to write my dissertation. They were incredibly fast, acurate, and surprisingly affordable. I highly recommend WeScribeIt.


Wow - you folks are fantastic. Before I was doing everything myself. That is, listening to the audio and typing. Slow and frustrating experience. So, as was the case with this particular situation, I just didn't bother. Because I hate doing it. Won't put these things off anymore. Will definitely use your services in the future. Thanks so much. And I *did* try to use Dragon Dictate/Scribe software for a while, but it was an exercise in frustration.

Alheli Picazo
Calgary, AB

An exceptionally clean, fast, and efficient job, as always. I'm very glad I found your service. You've saved me a lot of time and headaches.

Bestselling Author

It was a long day that was made a lot easier by you and your team's superb work. I am more than pleased with the results.

WeScribeIt.com Transcription Services will now be my go to provider of transcription services bar none. Not only was I pleased with the accurate results, but their point person, Melody, was personable, friendly, and provided consistent updates throughout the process. Furthermore, it was apparent that she made a sustained effort to ascertain my needs were met by giving me a sample readout of the work in progress and asked me clarifying questions. It was also apparent that they worked well in a coordinated team effort to get this done on time. Finally, they took my specific requests seriously and delivered (something another recently used transcription company neglected to do). I highly recommend this great company and you will too, after using them.

Attorney at Law

This is a wonderful service and I am estatic that I found you! Working part time for a non profit and contracting on the side, I was having difficulty getting to my evaluation write ups. Now I can easily dictate like I do at work in the hospital! The service is easy to use, and my finished documents look just like they do from our dedicated therapy transcriptionist. Thank you for making it affordable as well!

Physical Therapist
Nassau, NY

I have been truly delighted by your service. A real 'aha!' moment. Incredibly useful to a blogger/journalist like myself.

Kingston, UK

Your typists have turned around all the other files with astonishing speed, and this one is only a couple of pages long. Working with WeScribeIt for this entire novel project has been a pleasure, with great service, speed, and reliability. Thanks for making it so smooth!

Bestselling Author

I just have to say that I love the service that WeScribeIt brings; very efficient and fast. Thanks for your work. We appreciate it.

Grandville, MI

This was my first outing with you and I was thrilled with the speed of return. Any transcription items are mine not yours! Lots of business to come your way.

Business Owner
Golf School
Simpsonville, SC

Melody is awesome....
...I recommend you to whoever needs you!

Law Firm
Portland, OR

I just had my first job today, and it looks great.

Victoria, TX

Thanks for the excellent work!

Minneapolis, MN

I've heard great things about WeScribeIt...

London, UK